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What is Cosmic Wisdoms?

 Cosmic Wisdoms was birthed from the authentic magic of sisterhood and has blossomed into a sacred space for soul work, ritual, and community. This vision started from a place of sisterhood in which Laura Beth Finley (myself) and Aliesha Watson created Cosmic Wisdom's Sister Craft and Intuitive Holistics.  We were able to inspire others to embrace their sisters while connecting deeper to their own inner magic.


After a year of doing such deep work through events and distance sessions, we transitioned to a healing center and created a space for intuitives and healers to grow within community in Gastonia, NC.  After being open for a few months, I transitioned into directing Cosmic Wisdoms independently.  So for the next year, I hosted weekly community healing circles, private soul work sessions with clients, and worked closely with other healers giving them a physical space to offer services.

At the start of 2020 - We closed our doors in Gastonia and started building our new location.   We were met with a pandemic in the middle of this process.  After moving all services online - I have felt called to bring more value by sharing the very Cosmic Wisdom's of the sacred language of astrology.  

Join me for the soul work, magic, and intuition that waits to be unlocked within your chart.  

-Laura Beth Finley


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