Cosmic Wisdoms Healing Center

Meet The Team


Meet Laura Beth

When Laura Beth started her intutive healing work, she owned a business called Cosmic Secrets.  She merged with a partner and together they formed Cosmic Wisdoms Sister Craft & Intuitive Holistics.  Within this business Laura Beth & her partner made herbal medicine, offered intuitive guidance, and embraced their calling as Appalachian Witches by helping clients with spell work and offered psychic readings.

As they grew in their path, Laura Beth knew she would have a healing center in the future not only from her own intuitive visions, but her mentors also shared the same visions.  So when given the opportunity she invested everything she had, collected donations from the community, and became the Founder and Director of Cosmic Wisdoms Healing Center. 

Laura Beth is a professional astrologer, quantum healer, herbalist, and spiritual mentor. She uses inter-dimensional work and astrology to assist in helping clients move subconscious blockages, awaken their intuitive gifts, tap into abundance, and live high vibe conscious lives.

Shifting Cosmic Wisdoms from a healing center to a spiritual center, Laura Beth is excited to offer spiritual encouragement to the community.  Also with a passion for skating, she will be starting a program for survivors abuse (Sexual, Physical, Mental, and Domestic Violence) to skate for healing the heart and soul.  

She will also be starting a Spiritual Homeschool Co-Op for ages 12+ to learn about quantum healing, astrology, and herbalism.  


Meet Aliesha

Aliesha is an energy worker, psychic intuitve and holistic healer. She specializes in conscious parenting and breaking down generational traumas. Connected with spirit she brings messages of love and healing.

With her roots in parenting and breastfeeding she found a way to combine them with her passions of spirituality and soul awareness. It was through motherhood that she found awakening, self love, healing and her own personal truths. All of which she hopes to bring to her clients.  

It was her own healing that encouraged her to bring focus within her work to opening the awareness and intuitive gifts of her clients to bring them healing as well. She also believes this will deepening the connections between her clients and their children through the healing of their own childhood wounds.